Graphic Design

If you love to create or layout imagery this area is for you. These designers help us create all of the graphics that are used in communication materials, worship services, some Web use and promotional material. Sign me up!


This is one of the ways we as a ministry "capture the God moments." If you love capturing still shots of lives being impacted, whether a baptism, people encountering God in worship, tender moments with the kids, this team strives to make sure we don't let a special moment get away. Sign me up!

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, #hashtags and check-ins are the tools these warriors use to make an impact in our community. From responding to facebook posts, tweeting about what's happening at Impact Church, this team is on the front lines of Impact Churches web presence. Sign me up!

Video Post Production (Editing and Motion Graphics)

If you have a passion and the knowledge of (or ability to learn) video editing software, we need you. At Impact Church we strive to capture every God moment and use those moments to create dynamic stories that can go out into a media savvy audience. Sign me up!

Video Production (Recording and Set Design)

Lights, camera, action! This team works at setting the stage for all of Impact's recorded material, from small group promotional videos and testimonies to video announcements and ministry highlights. Once the set is ready to go, thee champions jump behind the cameras and get all of the action on film. Sign me up!


These team members are the champions of written chat, the experts of expression and the wizards of words. They help Impact with many of the written materials we produce. If you have a passion to communicate what God is doing at Impact and can uncover the words to paint that picture then this team is for you! Sign me up!

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