Guest Services

Guest Services

Are you energetic, talkative and friendly, Guest Services is the place for you. You can make our guest feel relaxed and at home.

VIP Greeter

There’s nothing more important to us at Impact then our first time guest. We show our guest this by helping them know exactly where the auditorium is, children’s check-in and restrooms are located. If you’re the kind of person who never meets a stranger, then this is for you! Sign me up!

Age Requirement: 17 and older

Follow-Up Callers

Make follow-up phone calls to those who recently gave their life to Christ. Sign me up!

Age Requirement: 21 or older

Bulletin Greeter

If God’s smile was a color is would be yellow--all warm and cheery. Ever notice how a smile can change someone’s appearance? Is this how you demonstrate God’s love to others, then this is the place for you. Age Requirement: 12 or older Sign me up!


The initial impression our guest’s experience about Impact starts in the parking lot. Sign me up!

Age Requirement: 15 or older

Sunday Hospitality

Prepare coffee, tea and snack for our guests on Sunday mornings. Help with some light setup and greeting, all to help create a warm and welcoming environment. Sign me up!

Age Requirement: 21 and older

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