Admin Support

These team members help tune the engine under the hood for the worship ministry by performing vital office duties that help us program, design, prepare and execute dynamic worship environments. Attention to detail and a drive to fulfill the big picture vision for worship is all that is needed. Sign me up!

Audio Engineering Support

Testing 1-2-3, These sultans of the soundboard support the lead engineer to make sure our mixes during worship are passionate and powerful. This role is also key in being the hands on stage for the lead engineer, troubleshooting cabling and signal problems. Sign me up!

Video Producer

These behind-the-scenes volunteers support our lead producer. The producer role is all about seeing the whole picture. From lighting to camera shots the producers aim is to Capture The God Moments in a dynamic way. Sign me up!

Camera Operator

These team members are responsible for capturing the live images that are sent to the screens as well as recorded to be broadcast on the web and other outlets. Sign me up!

Stage Lighting

This team seeks to illuminate the worship environment in a way that inspires and enhances each persons experience. We have some great lighting tools at Impact and we want everything we do to be a reflection of the Lord. God is light and what better way to worship Him than through create and dynamic lighting. Sign me up!

Worship Graphics and Video

Whether it is the lyrics of a song, the notes for pastor's message or a video bumper being created, this team seeks to create and complete a seamless, dynamic use of our projection tools. Sign me up!

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