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Student Ministry

Students :: 6th—12th Grade

Sundays, 500-645 PM with Food, Games, Music, Bible, Groups.

Impact Student Ministry ‘ISM’ is a ministry designed especially for teens. During the school year, ISM meets at Impact on Sundays, 500-645 PM at the Impact Café for free food and hangout. We begin our time together with live music, games & a message. Most nights ends with students breaking up into small groups to unpack what they’ve learned in large group time. This is a chance for teens to develop relationships and to be challenged to become more like Jesus. Explore around below to see more of how we do ministry:


Our vision is the same as Impact’s vision because we are an extension of that vision to students. We want to “See people far from God experience life change”.


This is the ‘how’ behind the ‘what’. Strategy is how execute what we do.

When people describe their faith journey they often talk about one or more the strategies we execute. Simply put, these five strategies grow your faith:

  • Practical Teaching—We present the Bible in a practical way.
  • Private Disciplines—The most important thing in your life is your relationship with Christ. We encourage students to tune their hearts to the heart of God through Bible, prayer & worship time. We give them the tools they may need to start that discipline.
  • Personal Ministry—Ministry forces us to be consciously dependent on God. We encourage every student to serve in some way.
  • Providential Relationships—We will do our best to create atmospheres for students to gain support and guidance from Christ-honoring leaders and piers. We provide small groups that are led by our team of inter-generational leaders.
  • Pivotal Circumstances—Circumstances can shape our faith in one of two ways. A positive event can adversely affect faith or strengthen it. Adverse circumstances can damage an individual’s faith or deepen it. We do our best to prepare students not just for another year of school, but also for life.

Core Values

Who we are and what we strive to be known for. ISM strives to exhibit these five things:

  1. FAMILY to all
  2. DEVOTION to God
  3. DAUNTLESS in our outreach to others
  4. GENEROUS with all that God’s given us
  5. GRATEFUL for it all

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