Impact Community Church Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Impact Church Prayer Ministries

Impact Church does not just talk about prayer its members Pray! We believe that the reason more believers don’t pray for others is that they are not aware of other’s needs. We have developed two Prayer Ministries to not only meet the prayer needs of our congregation but we have created a network to involve hundreds of our members in seeking God through Prayer.

Monday Corporate Prayer Ministry

On Monday evenings at 7:00 pm members of Impact Church join together for corporate prayer at the church office at 5115 Old York Road. Prayer list are shared and we pray. We have seen people attend who need prayer and we encourage the biblical initiative to lay hands on them and pray. The group also prays over the needs of Impact Church and for God’s anointing on our services and small groups.

Everyone in the church is invited to attend. We see answers to prayer on a weekly basis. Every perfect gift comes from above and the scriptures remind us “that we have not because we ask not.”

ICC Prayer Ministry

What Is It?

This particular internet prayer venture allows people that want to help but may be uncomfortable within a group. It is for those of us that prefer praying alone or with their husband or wife or even children that are old enough to understand its “impact”, and to do so at their leisure or at times that are available to you. This branch of the ICC Prayer Ministry with internet correspondence as its vehicle of transferring information might be just the “ticket” for you and many like you. It will afford you individually to have latitude that can allow you to pray every day without any “stumbling blocks” that may otherwise be in your way.

How Does it Work?

You will be informed via email each day of any new prayer request that has come from the people of our church. As you check your email each day you may find individual prayer requests that should include a name, date, and the need in which you should be praying. Sometimes the caller may not have their name displayed or some may just state a need as an “unspoken request”. We respect the person(s) right to privacy, but, thank God, the Lord always knows our needs before we even ask.

To become of a part of this ministry or to send a prayer request, simply send your prayer interest to ten.muiropmoc@reyarpcci.