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About Us

Impact Community Church


Impact Community Church is a fellowship of believers who realize the complexities of our lifestyles in the 21st century. We approach every day with a passion to reach those who are far from God.

To filter through what we will and won’t do, we’ve developed a simple strategy for ministry. We only do two things: worship experiences and small groups. That’s it; that’s all we do! We apply those two things to children, middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults.

This will allow people far from God to experience a transformation in their lives.

What is the difference between Vision & Strategy?

Impact Community Church is committed to a vision; that vision is to see people far from God experience a life change. That is the thing that drives every decision we make and guides every discussion we have.

We are not afraid to try a strategy to see if it works and move on to something else if it was ineffective. With our end goal in mind we will embrace a strategy we believe will advance the vision. Strategies come and go; but the vision will never change. Programs and facilities are expendable and will constantly change; the vision will remain the same… That’s our commitment to God and York County.

Members IMPACT

Membership means active participation; it means jumping into ministry. It’s not names on a list so people can say I’m a member. It’s a collection of people tirelessly laboring to create an experience where people can meet Jesus Christ.

Are you interested in membership? Find out more on the Next Step page.