Our Strategy

What is the difference between Vision & Strategy?

Impact Community Church is committed to a vision; that vision is to see people far from God experience a life change. That is the thing that drives every decision we make and guides every discussion we have.

Our Strategy… to accomplish the Vision

Teach to Reach. We will teach God’s Word so people will know Christ.

Play to Win. We will aggressively pursue new ways to reach people for Christ.

Dare to Care. We will risk getting our hands messy to help people grow closer to Christ.

Make it Count. We will use every resource with integrity to honor Christ.

Go for Great. We will do things with excellence to impact people for Christ.

We are not afraid to try strategy’s within our core values. With our end goal in mind we will embrace different strategy’s in an effort to creatively advance the vision. Strategies come and go; but the vision and core values will never change. Programs and facilities are expendable and will constantly change; the vision and the core values will remain the same… That’s our commitment to God and York County.