Life Is Too Short

The point of this letter is to explain how life is so short that you often miss it and take it for granted.

I came to this realization tonight in a cab ride home back to my apartment. Four gun shots rang out in the middle of the night outside of a popular bar downtown. Wanting to go home a frail older black lady cab driver picked me up from downtown and proceeded to take me back to my apartment. As we rounded the corner, she notices a very intoxicated female and asked if it was okay to pick her up and share the cab with me. I agreed and we let her in however she was going to a different apartment out of the way. We made it to her place with little interaction and as we arrived at her apartment complex the young girl was not going to pay the cab driver. So I told the cab driver I would pick up the girl’s tab. And without a word the girl got out and walked away.

As we pulled out of the apartment complex, the frail old lady turned back to me and thanked me. Shocked, I replied “Why are you thanking me, I did nothing.” She said “You didn’t have to do that at all.” She proceeded to tell me that girls today don’t realize how simple it is to be taken advantage of and all these horrible things can happen to them. And how it takes such a harsh and tragic event to change how people think, like the gunshots I heard tonight. For the remainder of the ride home, we talked about how people truly take their lives for granted. Not just how people are content on living their life, but all things that truly matter in your life. God, your family, friends, loved ones, the things that make you happy.

When we finally arrived at my apartment, she looked back at me and said, “You don’t owe me anything.” I was so moved by this I offered more than double the cab fare and she declined it. Sitting in the back of this cab in disbelief, she said to me, “Don’t worry about it. God has a great plan for you, which is payment enough.” This cab driver made me realize that life is so precious and it should not be squandered. That you should live every moment to its fullest potential no matter what. And that you should live your life for God. And without God, you are nothing.

I wanted to share this with you because I was so moved by this little old lady cab driver. I had fallen away from God. And it’s remarkable how God can show himself in the strangest of ways and allow you to come back to him. God has truly shown himself to me tonight. And this lady needs to be recognized for the great person she truly is. This has truly changed my life for the greater because it has brought me the closest to God I have ever been and I hope this could have an impact on someone’s life as well.