Why Did I Get An “F”

Somehow we get confused into thinking that we have to earn God’s love. Jan was one of those who believed that notion.

From early childhood she attended church, but it wasn’t until she was in her twenties that she accepted Christ. She was attending a small Methodist church at the time and was befriend by the pastor and his wife. Jan noticed something different about them. They had this peace and she wanted the same for herself. So she threw herself into finding it.

Jan was actively involved in church, attending healings, prayer meetings, Bible studies, Christian workshops and conferences. Her most intimate times with God were when she prayed. This was a special time between God and Jan.

As it does, life evolves and years later Jan is married with children and finds herself dealing with the knit and grind of responsibilities. Nursing school, family and marriage difficulties, and three small children didn’t leave much time anymore for the intimacy she once had with God.

Because of guilt Jan gave herself an “F” for failure. She allowed it to drive a wedge in her relationship with God. She had difficulty accepting the truth that God had given her an “F” for forgiveness. She need not try to earn it. God gives it freely and lovingly.

Looking back, Jan sees that while life’s difficulties can shock your soul, they can also infuse you with valuable wisdom. When God forgives you, you are forgiven.